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            A word from the president

            Katsuichi HAYASHI - President

            NUSCO was incorporated to become a reliable maker + system integrator who solve industrial problems, especially cut-to-length application.
            NUSCO provides flying position control on single axis and synchronizing phase control among plural axes, as basic control solution and also provides double-control system by single cpu which realizes interactive motion control in between two axes for one process.
            NUSCO has 35-years-experiences as of top maker and propose reliable solution at each industrial fields to realize simplification of machinery composition, enlargement of product output at highest quality.
            NUSCO has service bases in Asia and expand the business over the world.

            Company Profile

            50 million Japanese Yen
            NC servo control system for cut-to-length application of continuous line with running material such as steel, paper, film and others. AC line drive and sequence control for above line. Development, sales and service of NUSCO's original servo controller, drives and motors.